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tissue wrapping paper Vellum Paper Vs. Tracing Paper

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-20
There are various types, colors and sizes of paper.Paper with different weights (e.g., paper, card stock, building paper, paper towels and onion skins) and sizes (letters, laws, ledgers, and huge roll paper.Everything from wrapping gifts to creating beautiful artwork uses paper.
There are two common types of paper and drawing.Each has its own features and uses.Before the invention of paper, people tried all kinds of materials to writeClay, wood, metal, cloth.About 5,000 years ago, Egyptians discovered that papyrus could be made into a simple plant.
to-Carry the writing face.
After 2000, a Chinese man found that bamboo fibers could be emulsified, mashed and poured into loose woven cloth to dry.The process of making a piece of paper is simple and cheap.Paper has been made in this way for centuries.
Over time, the art of paper making has spread all over the world.In the 10 th century, Arab culture began to make paper with linen.Later, the paper was again made of wood fiber, although the more expensive paper still contained fabric fiber.
Today, there are nearly 600 paper mills in the United States.Half of our paper supply is made of recycled materials.Initially, vellum, sometimes referred to as parchment paper, was not made of cloth or wood fiber, but made of animal skin, especially calf leather, which was also made of sheep, deer and goats.
These materials are mainly used for legal documents and religious purposes such as copies of the Torah and lighting manuscripts of early Christianity.Today, the real vellum manufacturing costs are high, so the process of using more economical plastic-reinforced cotton to make "paper vellum" or "imitation vellum" is used ".Today, vellum is mainly used for supporting documents such as wedding invitations, diplomas and certificates, as well as blueprints and maps.
Avid scrapbook enthusiasts are using it more and more, and they want their work to have a unique textured look.Since vellum is a bit translucent, it has to be handled with great care and use the right adhesive to keep it elegant.Tracing drawings are sometimes incorrectly called parchment or parchment due to their translucent quality.
However, the tracing drawings are made of chemically treated plain paper to break down the wood fibers.This is to give it a slightly transparent quality.About one drawing-Its weight is made of paper, but it is much larger.
Tracing drawings can be almost as thin as paper towels or as thick as heavyweight paper.Tracing drawings are mainly used by artists or draftsmen to reconstruct images on the underlying surface.For example, an artist can place tracing drawings on previous works and copy the lines he sees through tracing drawings to tracing drawings.
Tracing drawings are usually colored for various arts and crafts such as origami, collage and paperKnitting, can be used to make sewing patterns
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