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toy store box How to Make Miniatures for Dollhouses

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-06
toy store box How to Make Miniatures for Dollhouses
Building toy house furniture can be part of the appeal of having a toy house.Children who like doll houses often like to decorate and rearrange furniture.You can buy almost any micro household items in toy shop or craft supply shop.
Dollhouse furniture can also be made from items around the house.Customize the look of the furniture with cloth, paint, markers and pieces of jewelry.Children can make miniature toy furniture by themselves or with friends and family.
Cut the kitchen sponge into the desired size.A sponge can make a complete one.Two single beds and two single beds.Glue a layer of filler to the top of the sponge.A bag of batting in the sewing shop will greatly help to make miniature models for your toy house.
The glue process is glued to the side of the sponge.Cut to fit as needed.Place the craft vertically and make it into a headboard.Wrap the bed with a pipe cleaner and fix the stick in place when dry.
Leave the pipe cleaner on the headboard if needed.Cut a piece of fabric and put it on the sponge.Put it on the stuffing.Plug the edge into the bottom of the bed and fix it with glue.
Add a piece of fabric to the quilt.
Make a small pillow by cutting off the fingertips of the knitted gloves.Stuff inside.Sew up the end.Save Plastic plug-in from pick-upout pizza.Clean and dry thoroughly.Paint the table with nail polish.Buy cheap nail polish of the desired color or use the unwanted nail polish.
After the first layer is dry, consider adding the decoration in another color.Add a piece of cloth to the tablecloth.If you do not want to use the tablecloth, cut the small floor mat from the paper or fabric and stick the glue to the table.Fold two or three small matchboxes together.
Tape or glue in place.
All the boxes are oriented in the same direction so that the drawer works.Cover the back and sides with colored paper cuts to fit.Glue in place.Stick the small beads to the front of the Matchbox and make the drawer handle.
Fill the drawer with tiny pieces of fabric or other toy accessories
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