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Vancouver moves to weekly green bin collection - custom pizza boxes

by:Mengsheng     2020-06-13
Vancouver moves to weekly green bin collection  -  custom pizza boxes
The City of Vancouver's green bins can contain scraps of meat, bones, pizza boxes, eggshells, garden clippings and a variety of other organic waste.
The city will start collecting green garbage every week on May Day. VANCOUVER --
With Vancouver rolling out the next phase of its food waste program, green bin garbage will soon be collected every week, and garbage will be collected every other week from more than 100,000 Vancouver households.
Changes to the collection schedule will affect residents living in single
Family and duplex homes.
Weekly pick-up that still includes recycling will start in some neighborhoods on May 1 and will take place gradually throughout the city over the next few weeks.
Residents can also expect to receive a small green food waste container, as well as a collection calendar and project details for door-to-door delivery.
The container is designed to collect food scraps from the home.
The items can then be transferred to the green bin outdoors.
"This is a big shift for some," Mayor Greg Robertson acknowledged at a media event Thursday morning in the backyard of a city employee in the east of Camby Street.
"Our culture is 'throw everything in the trash '.
"But it's not working now," he said . "
The city's latest move to change the way garbage is handled is part of the Vancouver Metro program, which plans to transfer all organic materials from the landfill by 2015.
Vancouver begins to allow single residents
Family and duplex homes threw food scraps into green trash cans instead of trash cans in last September.
Before the expansion, residents can put uncooked fruits and vegetables, tea, coffee and eggshells in green bins.
Now flesh crumbs, bones, pizza boxes, napkins and other foods --
Dirty paper can be thrown in.
Deputy city manager Sadu Johnston said the results of the pilot project launched in Sunrise and Riley Park community in 2011 showed that the families involved were "heavily involved ".
The plan initially attracted about 17 cents.
This ratio rises to about 55 when the garbage and organic matter collection schedule changes.
Participation is still optional, Johnston said, noting, "We are not going to go through the back lane and look at the bins.
But, he said, "not participating will mean that organic matter rot in your garbage for two weeks, which smells bad . ". ”The food-
The city is estimated to cost $5.
Development 4 million.
For taxpayers, an increase of $16 is expected this year.
Another $5 million budget is for the construction of a new organic transfer facility at the southern transfer site of the city to dispose of waste, soil, and even electricity before the waste is transported by truck to Richmond to be converted into compost.
"It's the same material that's already on the driveway, it's already on our garbage truck, and it's gone to the transfer station, so there's no real difference.
"It's not like we 've added a bunch of new materials," Johnston said in response to questions about how the city will control the smell of rotten food . ".
However, he added that the new transfer station will be equipped with aviation equipment
Filter equipment to eliminate odor.
"We actually want it to improve the smell of the whole system," he said . ".
For residents living near the food, the smell has proved to be a big problem
Composting facilities.
Vancouver Metro, which is responsible for air quality in the area, reported a sharp increase in the number of scents
Related complaints in 2012 compared to previous years.
At least half of the complaints were in Richmond.
Based on the power of harvest over the past two years, as more and more cities add food scraps to their yards, trying to transfer them from landfill sites, the amount of food waste has been increasing.
Food scraps account for about Vancouver's residential waste.
When it is buried in a landfill, the garbage containing food residue will rot and produce global garbage.
Pollution warming
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