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wedding dress storage box hope chest heirlooms -

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-10
wedding dress storage box hope chest heirlooms -
The hope boxes made in the United States were created by European-style timber workers in the 1600 and 1700 s who were officially called cabinet makers.Some of the popular copy designs are taken from Baroque, Queen Anne and Louis XIV.Over time, these furniture makers began to create their own style.
These designs develop certain features in different cities so that historians can state the exact timber artisans of the city, sometimes even the most promising boxes.In some cities, some craftsmen will only use one type of foot style, a woodworking style, a Shell Element Design, certain stain colors, and sometimes only one or two types of hardwood floors.Many of these wooden cases are not signed or stamped by their creators.
Early Americans valued hope treasure chests very much, not only because of their beautiful appearance, but also because of their strong structure.Many of the original hope box furniture was used to store all the necessary household items such as blankets, linens, clothes and kitchen supplies.Because all the high value pass heir owned by a family is also placed in these large wooden cases, many hope boxes are made with drawers at the bottom or trays mounted on the top lip.
Wedding dresses are usually placed in these special compartments because they are passed on from generation to generation.The first type of building to be used to make blanket cases.Followed by the Yanwei carpentry.Both types of construction are in the form of extremely durable and long lasting carpentry.
Most timber workers would agree that the adhesive joints of these two types of carpentry are as strong as the wood itself, if not stronger.Each wood craftsman has chosen the favorite woodworking style of different hope chest design style.If he wanted to highlight his corner structure, the timber craftsman would have chosen the Yanwei joinery as it showed the details of the hand-carved.
If he needs a smooth edge for a drawing design or engraving design, the wood worker will use a sauté.Usually, in the early days of the United States, it is hoped that the box will be engraved with the name of the person who received the wooden box and the date of display.Many of these blanket storage boxes have also acquired special designs through engraving or painting.
German immigrants who came to the United States in the 1700 s and 1800 s created most of the painted heir hope boxes.The design elements that people like most are the heart, the flowers, the people on the horse and the stars.Some painted chest designs are magic and can ward off evil at home.
This is very important for many German immigrants.Hex designs are available from simple to complex geometric styles.These blanket cases usually have construction dates on the outside or inside of the lid.
Due to architectural preferences or religious backgrounds, other groups consider these Hope boxes too complicated.The Amish, shakers and Mennonites, to name just a few, have developed styles that mimic their simple way of life.All of their furniture is simple in style and structure, and there is no attempt to create a "beautiful" hope box.
Interestingly, modern furniture collectors believe that these simple styles are much more beautiful than those of the rest of the US who want the chest manufacturers to elaborate.Chuan heir hopes that treasure chest has retained its position in the United States for many years and will be passed on to the next generation as precious furniture, also for their beauty.Blanket chest furniture is very versatile in placement and can be found in many parts of the home as they are furniture that is shown to everyone to cherish.
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