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wedding gown box how to select a wedding gown preservation company

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-09
wedding gown box how to select a wedding gown preservation company
Find out what you need to know and choose the best wedding dress preservation company for your personal use.Ask your local bridal salon who they use to keep the wedding dress.Then go online and learn about the process used by the company to save wedding dresses.
Print their process.
Rinse and repeat for other companies.
Now, compare the print you have and choose the company that holds your wedding dress using the appropriate method.When choosing a dry cleaner, you need to know which solvent your local cleaner uses, or if he will send the wedding dress out and which solvent the wholesale dry cleaner uses.Choose a dry cleaner that uses a distilled solvent to clean the wedding dress.
Because the clothes washed with dirty solvent will have a clean smell.A good dry cleaner will use Virgin solvent on all wedding dresses.A clean wedding dress must not taste like a clean solvent.
Wedding dresses in some dry cleaners are washed wet.This method only uses water and has several advantages.-There are four kinds of solvents commonly used to clean wedding dresses, namely: vinyl chloride, Stoddard solvent, hydrocarbons and silica gel.
-Usually called percussion.
This is the most widely used solvent in all dry cleaners, and the best solvent for silk, artificial silk or acetic acid fiber and dirt to skim.2.-It's hard to find this solvent. it's oil-based solvent.This solvent cannot be used in strip mall type dry cleaning shops due to fire regulations.This solvent cleans clothes with sequins and beads more safely than vinyl chloride.
This is a newly prepared petroleum solvent.This is also safer for beads and sequins like the Stoddard solvent.However, it is not very effective in terms of skim.
-Silicone solvents are not as aggressive as vinyl chloride.But it's safer for beads and sequins like hydrocarbons.It is also the most eco-friendly solvent.In order to keep the wedding dress properly, the following contents should be included.
After receiving the dress, hand check, hand clean the hem and top of the corset, pay attention to any stains, handle all stains with proper solution, treat clothes with sugar stains, dryWash the clothes againCheck the clothes, press and steam the clothes by hand, place the clothes on the chest, place them in a special acid-free wedding dress storage box with acid-free paper towels, place the storage box/display box in the transport box, and ship them to you.Experience is almost certainly the most important factor in choosing a dry cleaner.Check with the local bridal shop to see who they use and recommend.
If your clothes and lining are polyester with or without beads and sequins, wet cleaning should be safe and will make your clothes the cleanest.Check the label carefully, look dry, clean the sink label ID or limit the amount of water.If you are not sure, test the visible part of the clean clothes.
If you care about polyester, you should be able to wash your hands safely
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