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white and gold gift box The Meaning of the Colors of Christmas

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-14
white and gold gift box The Meaning of the Colors of Christmas
The combination of red and green has become an iconic symbol of Christmas in secular culture, rooted in ancient pagan and early Christian traditions.However, the Christian Church commemorates the birth of Jesus with its own color of worship: white and gold.Plants are a universal metaphor for life cycle and spiritual renewal.
Cultures around the world value the tenacious vegetation that thrive in the winter's fragile desolation as a symbol of hope and eternal life.Early Christians adopted the ancient Roman tradition of celebrating the winter solstice by picking evergreen branches from holly, ivy and mistletoe parasites to weave into beautiful festivals.Lucky wreaths, floral and hair accessories.
Around Christmas, an evergreen tree or pine tree is decorated with lights, decorations and gifts.In Christianity, Green is often used to represent the life and resurrection of Jesus.From Santa's comfortable suit to Rudolf's glowing nose to the ribbon --Red is the most conspicuous color of the season.
The vibrant shadows have a strong cultural connection with love, health and strength.Winter green plants like winter green trees are especially popular at Christmas.Santa's red suit comes from St.Nicholas of Mina, red.The Encyclopedia of World Religions states that robed Greek bishop who gave gifts to children in the 4 th century.
"Red is also a powerful religious symbol to represent the passion of Jesus' death and Holy Spirit.As much of the Northern Hemisphere is covered with snow, White is the natural color that represents winter.This is also important for the Christian Church, which uses shades to depict purity, joy, forgiveness and the light of God.
Revelation 3: 4-The Bible says: "They will go with me in white because they are worth it.The victorious men will wear white clothes like them."On Christmas Day, Christ was welcomed to the world, with a white cloth on the altar of the church.
The white light of the candle symbolizes the truth of God, and the sparkling white light sitting on the Christmas tree represents the star of Bethlehem, and the three wise men follow it to find baby Jesus.Gold is another important color of worship during Christmas.Historically, it represents royalty, wealth, and wisdom, and Jesus is often referred to as the King of the Jews.
Matthew 2:11 is considered a precious gift, and he reports that gold is one of the gifts given to baby Jesus by three wise men, revelation 21 tells how the buildings and streets of heaven are built in gold.The rich shades are also used to symbolize spiritual lighting, cleanliness and the glory of God
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