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yellow tissue paper Directions for Tissue Paper & Hibiscus Flowers

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-18
Paper flowers offer a cheap choice for gifts and decorations.If you want to create flowers that look similar, templates or templates help unify paper flowers ---Flower patterns are available at craft shops and websites.Once you have mastered the trick, you can customize the flowers to decorate the gift, hang it on a wreath, make a paper flower necklace, the floral arrangement in the vase, and any other craft items or decorative purposes.
Draw paper flowers for your own hands-crafted effect.Hibiscus flowers make dramatic decorations for hair accessories, wallets, party gifts and string-in necklaces or hanging as decorations.Fold 5 paper towels on the table.Use two or more colors to create more depth for the flowers, such as the red, purple and yellow colors of the wood hibiscus flowers.
Golden and yellow sunflower;White and pink daisies.Painting the flowers or other flowers on paper towels--Draw the outside line as this is all you need to cut the outside line.Or, use a floral pattern to draw flowers.Draw narrow round petals for daisies.For sunflowers, draw a circle for the center and the long pointed petals.
Make a circle with a spice can or a quarter coin.Hold a stack of paper towels firmly with one hand to keep your hand away from the path of the scissors.Line along the back of each petal through all the layers of the tissue.
Carefully poke a hole in the middle of Furong or other flowers with a scissors tip and pass through layers.Make a1/2-The inch ring at the end of the green pipe cleaner and wrap the end of the ring around the straight line part of the pipe cleaner twice to keep it in place.From the top of the flower, the straight end passes through the middle of the flower, so the ring ends at the center of the flower, and the straight end comes out with the stem.
Cut 3 inch yellow tube cleaners--Adjust the length according to the size of the wooden hibiscus flower.Bend the end of the yellow pipe cleaner up 1/2 and put it in the hook.Hook it through the green pipe cleaner ring and twist it twice to secure the Furong flower in place.
Curl each petal-all the layers--Slightly down around the pencil, give them a natural look
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