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yellow tissue paper homemade body lotion -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-28
yellow tissue paper homemade body lotion -
Mix a few drops of glycerin, olive oil and rose water in a large spoonful of milk.Before going to bed at night, often apply on your face, neck and hands.Wash it with a paper towel with a soft hand at sunrise.
Take a bath with hot water.
Every night, apply the glycerin mixed with rose water and lime juice on the face, neck and hands.Mix 4 tea spoon coconut oil, 3 tea spoon salt, 1 Tea Spoon lemon juice together.The whole body is rubbing.This is a nice shower gel.Mix three scoops of salt and a spoonful of lemon juice in a spoonful of coconut oil.
Apply to the whole body with light weight.It is an excellent shower gel that will make the body squashy.1 tea spoon sandals powder, 1 tea spoon yellow och Stone, 1 half tea spoon curd.
Paste them all over the body.
Take a bath after drying.
Grind the rice, gram pulse, arhar pulse in the same amount.It includes lemon juice, barley flour, rose water, Meghan Land, ginger Flour, ice and cold water.Make a paste.Apply to the whole body before bathing.Take a bath after 1/2 hours.This is a nice facial cleanser.Clean the body mix milk with three table spoons, flour with one table spoon and 8-10 drops of mustard oil.
Make its paste.
Apply it all over the body.
After 15-Rub and remove with your hands for 20 minutes.Wash the whole body with water.To clean the skin, mix a spoonful of lemon juice and a spoonful of flour.1-1 scoop of barley and millet flour.Paste it and apply it to the whole body.Clean after dry.Skin changes in a few days.Fruit acid fruit acid is very good for the skin because they will loosen the glue between dead skin cells and the cells will fall off and make the face very smooth and soft.
You will be surprised how easy it is to have wonderful consequences for your skin, and you will imagine that only the most expensive and complex products you can buy can do this.Not only that, you can also find AHAs in the fruits and vegetables already in the kitchen, or add in the garden, so you don't know?Don't worry about any artificial chemicals that can cause damage.Try any of the following fruit acids, but always be careful so as not to hurt your eyes.
If your skin is sunburned, avoid using these homemade peels before sunbathing.Beautiful feet to get great feet can do the following: soak your feet with baking soda the night before the big day.Then take coarse sea salt and rub it on your feet to remove dead skin cells.
Apply baby oil appropriately.
Relax your feet.
Rub lotion on your feet before putting on your socks.Sleep in socks and your feet will walk by themselves in the morning
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