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yellow tissue paper How to Color Bleed Tissue Paper

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-18
Paper towels are one of the most common process materials for children and adults.Color bleeding is an interesting item for even the youngest child.With just a few materials, the little guy can make a lovely, fun craft that will help them feel accomplished while teaching them important scientific concepts.
Set up your work area.
Spread the newspaper on the table if needed.Put the tray on the table and the white paper in the tray.Prepare all materials before starting.Tear the paper towel into small squares and small strips.
Make sure these pieces are not too small.
It doesn't work either if they are less than 1 to 2 inch.Place the paper towel square on the white paper in the tray.Try overlapping colors such as blue and yellow to teach color mixing.
Spray water on paper towelsUse the "fog" of the water bottle to set the layered paper.Hard water will not achieve the desired results.Or, apply water to a paper towel with a brush.
Be sure to fully saturate the paper.
Dry Drops and brushes with paper towels.
Count slowly to 10You need to wait a few seconds to make sure the bleeding is normal.This is a good time to help count very young children.Slowly peel off the paper towel on the white paper to reveal the color left.
Place used paper in a bowl to save another use, or throw it away in a plastic bag
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