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yellow tissue paper How to Decorate a Pinata With Tissue Paper

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-20
At the next party, a colorful pinata will be hung as a decoration or event.Pinatas is part of the Mexican tradition.These paper-made mache works are usually made to mimic animals, filled with sweets and trinkets that spill over once the pinata is opened.Part of Pinata is a brightly colored paper decoration.
Pinatas are not drawn like other paper mache objects.Instead, they are covered by the edges of colored paper towels.Cut 2-Inches wide on paper towels.As long as you have flat pinata on the side of pinata, you can make stripes or make 6-to 8-Inch strips for curved pinatas.
By stacking the paper and cutting multiple layers at the same time, several pieces are cut at a time.Add stripes to the organization Bar.Cut 1-Each piece of paper has an inch wide slit in length.Cut into strips 1.5 inch so the stripes stay connected along the top of each strip.
Place a white craft glue water bead on the pinata side you want to place the edge of the paper.Push the top of the stripe length into the glue to fix it on pinata.Start and work up from the bottom of pinata and connect all the bars.
Overlap 1-Half an inch, so the bonded edges disguise under the strap above.Cut out extra tissue shapes such as eyes or mouth.Glue these shapes to the top of the edge of the appropriate place.
Usually in an hour, let the glue dry completely.Gently fluff the edges with your fingers, be careful not to tear the paper
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