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yellow tissue paper How to Grow Bougainvilleas

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-12

Nine-fold GE, also known as the paper plant, is one of my wholeLike plants.They are beautiful vines.Type of plant with very unique flowers and colors.Knowing how to properly plant the jiuchongge will allow you to have an ordinary vine in your yard, or a beautiful, colorful vine that will blossom from spring to autumn.Many people think that it is difficult to grow. it is not true!They are very easy with proper care and the price is very lowRepair factory.Here, you will learn how to grow the nine-fold and make sure a beautiful plant is in full bloom throughout the summer, everything you need to know.Be sure to walk all the way to the bottom to see some of the beautiful colors of the Jiuju and the different ways you can train them.A beautiful vine that has a tenacious woody stem and beautiful flowers, consisting of 3 delicate colored petals that look much like around 1 to 3Along the Vine you will find several spikes, ranging in length from 1 cm to 3 inch.The size and number of thorns depends on several different factors, including CARE, pruning and the nine-fold GE variety you are growing.A healthy 9-fold can grow to more than 100 feet, unless you choose to trim it to keep it in shape and size.That said, you can train your jiuchongge to grow a few feet on the grid, or keep it neat and shaped in a big pot or hanging basket.Be sure to scroll down for a few beautiful photos of all the different colors.Image source: myhangingbaskets.What I like the most is all kinds of big things!There are not only a variety of flower colors, but also leaf colors.The most common thing is simple green leaves, but there are also Miscellaneous colors in most colors.Personally, I like this clutter!White and Green provide an amazing background for bright colored flowers.I love the bright pink nine-fold, with all kinds of leaves in the hanging basket.It looks great hanging on the porch!In the case of sufficient sunshine, the nine trees grow best!It takes plenty of sunshine to grow the best flowers to make thousands of beautiful flowers.The most common "problem" of the jiuchongge is that growers have a beautiful, lush plant growing.Simply move it to a sunny place.If you plant a nine-fold in the room, make sure it is close to the window and sunny.If not, your flowers will be scarce.The nine-fold is a common plant in Florida, so it's not surprising that they thrive in dry soil.Always allow the soil to dry between each watering and never let it sit in the water for a long time.Excessive watering can cause the leaves and flowers to fall, the leaves to turn yellow and the roots to be damaged.If you plant a nine-fold GE in a container, make sure there are holes that drain properly.The nine-fold fertilization for you will ensure a beautiful blooming plant.However, one of the important things to keep in mind when learning how to grow a Jiu Ge is that when you apply fertilizer, always use a fertilizer specially made for Jiu Ge, or use fullThis means that no matter what is said to be used on the package, use 1/2 of the fertilizer.The normal fertilizer is used with all its power, can burn, and even kill your Jiu Ge.Be careful root!There is a very delicate system of roots.Always avoid disturbing the roots and replant only when absolutely necessary.If possible, just add a layer of soil instead of re-sealing.Always enlarge the jar and add extra soil when you report so that the root ball is not disturbed.It is best to do this when the soil is almost dry.Never separate the roots like they do with trees or shrubs, it can seriously destroy the plants.Triangular plum is best bred from stem cuttings.Remove the Cork insert from the healthy 9G, immerse in the rooting hormones and plants in sterile soil or rock Pearl and water, and allow 2-Good root formation takes 3 weeks.Important: The nine-fold strip needs to dust several times a day until it is finished.The more the better!You can use the spray system in the greenhouse, or you can use a spray bottle or spray nozzle.As long as they remain moist, there is nothing too fancy to ask.Why don't I blossom?The nine-fold that will not blossom is a common complaint among gardeners who are not familiar with planting them.The good news is that this is usually a simple solution!The most common reason why the nine-fold does not blossom is simply because it does not get enough sunlight.Re-Position your plant so it will become full of sunshine and it will be full of flowers in a few weeks.If you are growing nine trees indoors, find a window that will provide more sunshine.If you get plenty of sunshine on your 9-fold, but still don't blossom, make sure you're fertilizing properly and you're not over-doing --watering it.Jiuchongge is one of the common choices of flowering bonsai.As shown above, they look like small trees in full bloom and can be easily trained using bonsai plates or other shallow plates.Image source: big.It is usually a vine.But the form of trees is becoming more and more popular.Just select the thickest and healthiest stem, support it in the upright direction and keep all the lower parts squeezed.Pinch the tip out of each limb to encourage a thicker, thicker top.Image source: mgonline.It must be one of the simplest, most versatile, flowering plants!Not only can they adapt to the warmest weather conditions, they can also do a lot of processing and pruning to shape or train to grow under any type of support.Can be a nine-fold...In the jar, the shape is in the form of a "bush.Hang in the basket, either train into a bush or a vine.In the shade of trees and sheds.Beautiful blooming Privacy Shield along walls and fences.Enjoy a romantic feel on the arch.This is a lovely white nine-fold.Although they are not as common as pink, it is still amazing.The most well-The well-known white nine-fold is Miss Alice ".on Flickr.This is a lovely yellow nine.So Pretty!on Flickr.I like the red one the most!They are bright red.on Flickr.This is the "orange King.It's more like a bright one.Compared to dark orange, yellow orange..Amazon..
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