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yellow tissue paper How to Make a Fake Campfire Centerpiece

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-18
At your next party, leave the wilderness indoors with a fake campfire center.The multi-function dining table decoration is suitable for camping party themes, as well as for Scout, Girl Scout, Halloween or Wildman themes.Basic core materials such as branches and logs are easy to find outdoors.
This means that the decoration items are lowCost and relative EarthFriendly, like a campfire.Measure and Mark 16-inch-A wide circle on a piece of plywood.Cut the plywood ring with a hand saw to create a base for the campfire center.
Collect a large stone at least 10 inch wide and put it aside as a fire center.Collect several round rocks from the outdoors, usually the size of an adult fist, to form a pit.Arrange the rock on the edge of the plywood into a ring around the fire pit.
Stick the rock to the edge of the plywood and dry it.Layer at least 18 paper towels of various red, orange and yellow colors.The graph is stacked evenly so that the edges are pointed out in a random direction.
Place the reserved large stones in the center of the tissue pile.Pull the paper towel up and around and pinch the paper towel together on top of the rock.Tie a rope tightly to the squeezed tissue and secure it in a knot.
Collect several thick sticks and small logs from outside.Place paper towels-Paper Stone in the center of "Fire Pit."Lean the sticks and logs inward against the big rock to form a tepee shape.
Hold the bottom of the wood against the edge of the rock.Pull the paper towel "flame" between the stick and the log, leaving a large amount of paper sticking out from the top of the wood "tent."Arrange and rearrange the paper towel flame in the wood until you create a realistic-looking fire.
Fix any loose stick or log with glue and dry before trying to move the creation
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