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yellow tissue paper How To Make A Pomander Or Kissing Ball For A Wedding Decoration

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-12

What is the Pomander kissing ball?You can be seen everywhere these days at weddings...Sitting on the vase of the Eiffel Tower, one is placed on the other, hanging on the green sculpture, and hanging on the hard gauze belt on the hook of the iron Shepherd.Even the beautiful country singer Kylie andwood got married under a huge house covered with flowers.But what are flashy or kissing balls and why are they so popular at weddings now©Cole?In Victorian times, kissing balls are usually made of apples or potatoes (since foam plastic has not been invented yet!), Decorated with a variety of herbs and flowers, each with a specific meaning.Especially Mistletoe parasites are related to fertility, and naturally kissing.It didn't take long for most kissing balls to be almost made with mistletoe parasites.The tradition lasted for quite some time, but eventually during the holiday it was tied only to a small branch at the door.However, many families still continue the tradition of "kissing balls.Recently, there has been a great recovery in the use of kissing balls and pompous balls...This is the wedding.©Cole.Maybe it's because they make such a huge impact no matter where you use them and can match any wedding theme or d in multiple colors©Cole.It can be done with real flowers or silk flowers...Even a paper towel flower, the bride will like any flower...Daisy, Rose, sunflower, choose constantly.Also, if they are careful and take the time, they will not be beyond the capacity of ordinary people.Pomanders can be placed in vases and stacked to become the center of elegance.Flower children can take them with them, and if they become blows on the stage, you don't have to remember to drop the petals!They can be hung on the trees of the outdoor reception or on the ceiling of the indoor reception.They can even arrange a very elegant line on the table where the bride and groom sit.It's not hard at all to create your own pomp or kissing ball, though it's a bit time consuming if you're trying to create multiple pomp or kissing balls.Note: In the picture with a yellow pomp, 33 daisies were used to cover a 4 \ "ball.So, get ready for the project and spend more than you think.The first thing you need to do is use your skewers or knitting needles to make a hole through a foam plastic ball to run the ribbon.Hold the ball tightly and stick the skewers from one side to the other.When I say this is the most difficult part of the project, I'm definitely not kidding!Once you make a good hole in the ball, cut your ribbon into about a yard long depending on how far you want the ball to hang.Place the end of the ribbon at the top of the skewer and re-insert the skewer as a guide to bring the ribbon through.Leave a tail about two to 3 inch.Now, repeat the same process at the other end of the ribbon and cross the ball.Now you will have a loop on one side of the ball for hanging and two ribbon tails on the other side.Tie the two tails tightly into a knot.Trim knots near the ball.If you are using silk flowers, pull them down from the stem of the wire, so that you can leave a small plastic nub under the flower that you separate the stem.Use that little nub to poke a hole in the foam ball and press the flower into the ball.Without glue, the flowers won't be good, so take out the flowers from the hole you just made, apply glue on it, and re-applyFlower arrangement.Keep doing this until you completely cover the ball and turn the ball as you go to make sure you don't miss any position.Stick the flowers as much as possible on the ribbon that sticks out from the top of the ball.If you want, you can stick the flowers completely to the knot at the bottom of the ball.Although the flower pom is gorgeous and can be made in any color and style, there are many options for using the flower.Is there a beach wedding?Use seashells!Got a fun luau-themed wedding?Cover your kissing ball completely with a colorful drink umbrella.How about antiques-themed wedding?You can use antique buttons.Use very popular feathers or peacock feathers in your d.©Cole?Incorporate the feathers into your pomp.The decorative status has (literally) gone from the branches nailed above the door to the humble pomander, the wonderful way to decorate the wedding, with endless options.
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