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yellow tissue paper How to Make a Rubber Duck Pinata

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-18
Wendy Devlin of MexConnect notes that pinata may actually have originated in China as a good luck tradition for the new year.However, it is said that the Maya had a similar tradition of breaking the jar with a stick in blindfolded cases to obtain the treasure inside.Today, the children's party uses the piano.
They are made of paper, filled with sweets and other snacks.Rubber duck pinata is a smart and popular choice for gender neutral children to celebrate.Inflate two balloons.One should be twice the size of the other to make the body and head of the rubber duck.
Cover the smaller balloon with a cloth belt to make it round.Cover the larger balloon with a cloth belt, so that the shape of the balloon is slightly longer.Attach two balloons with tape so that the smaller balloons are located in the upper left cornerThe hand side of the balloon.
This will be the basis of the body.
Cut three triangles about 5 inch long from the cardboard.Cut the triangles so that they are rounded, instead of drawing a point on the corner of each triangle.Take two triangles, stick their base together, and stick it to the front center of the small balloon.
This will form the mouth.
Take the last triangle and tape its bottom to the back of the top of the larger balloon, also centered to form the tail.Cut two oval shapes, 2 inch long and 1 inch in diameter.Draw a black circle in each middle and make them white to create the eyes.
Put the flour and water in a pan, boil the mixture for 5 minutes and stir constantly to make a paste of paper.Take it out from high temperature and let the paste cool and thicken.Take the newspaper strip and immerse it in the paste separately and put it on the balloon.
Let them overlap a little.
Let the Strip dry completely for 24 hours and repeat it three times to form three layers.By taking a tool knife, cutting two vertical lines of 2, create a trap door near the top and back of the duck body.5 inch long, 4 inch apart, then connect them with a horizontal line.
It should be like a door.
Pop up and remove the larger balloon.
Make a trap door for the duck head in the same way and remove the smaller balloon.Cut the yellow and orange paper towels into 1.5-3 inch inches long.Stick the yellow paper towel to the head, body and tail of the duck so that it is completely covered.
Cover the mouth with an orange paper towel.Use a knife to make two small holes in the center of the duck's body.Pass the wires through both and tie them securely near the base so that one end of the wire is still long enough to hang the pinata.
Open the trap door and fill it with sweets and snacks so it is fully filled.Complete duck pinata hanging from high
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