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yellow tissue paper How to Make Beautiful Leaf Suncatchers

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-19
The end of the summer does not mean that we must give up the sun completely.These bold and colorful autumn leaf day hunters are the things that greet autumn with the sun and the children.To get started, collect your paper towels and tear each piece of paper into small pieces with your hands (it's good for kids to love this step --Motor development ).
If you're using yourselfSeal the laminated bag and place the torn tissue directly on the inside of one side of the bag.Then press the two sides together to seal.If you're using traditional, hot.Laminated bag and machine, dip the sponge brush into some water and "spray paint" inside one side of the laminated bag ".
Place the torn tissue sheet on the paper, and if the tissue sheet slides around, apply it again with a brush.Close the bag and pass the sealed press machine first.Now is the time to draw the leaves.Kids can hand-draw their designs or you can help them by providing a tracking template.
(A quick web search of the "leaf outline" should provide a lot of options.If the kids want to practice before finishing the final leaf design, let them use the dry leavesErase the mark and they can erase it easily.Once they have a leaf that they are satisfied with, they can track them with permanent marks.
Next, take out the scissors and practice the cutting skills.The last step is to stick to a few double.Stick them to the leaves with tape and stick them to the windows.
When the sun comes in through a paper towel, it creates a lovely stain --glass effect
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