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yellow tissue paper How to Make Faux Torches for a Medieval Bedroom

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-18
For a child or teenager who can't get enough kings, castles and stories from the Middle Ages, a medieval-The theme bedroom offers a fantasy escape that fits her interests.Making a man-made torch for a medieval bedroom is a handOn the way to involve young people in the renovation of her room.Wrap the finished product on the bed or on the wall of the door by using copper wire to hang a torch.
Install a hook on the wall and pass the wire through to secure the artificial torch.Turn over the plastic, paper, or foam plastic cups so that the opening is partially down.Put a cardboard tube at the bottom of the cup and trace it around it with a pencil.
Cut the circle from the cup.
Brush a layer of glue on the edge of the hole.Insert the cardboard tube into the hole until it reaches the lip of the Cup.Let the glue dry for at least two hours.Make a portion of flour into a solution of a portion of water for paper making.
Immerse the newspaper strip in the solution and wrap it around the base of the torch.Cover the base with three overlapping newspaper strips.Let it dry overnight.Paint the black acrylic process on the surface of the paper.
Draw a design in front that represents a medieval era, such as a Knight, a Gothic cathedral, or a coat of arms.Cut the red, orange and yellow paper towels into pieces and stuff them into the top of the cup and cardboard tube to ignite the flame for the artificial medieval torch
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