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yellow tissue paper paper poms & tissue flowers for wedding decor and more

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-23
Tissue boxes are slowly replacing traditional wedding decorations, a very popular trend.Basically, because they are affordable, much longer than the real flowers, and have a variety of colors, these small fluffy balls are a popular choice.Recently, paper towel flowers or baby boxes have been used as part of the decoration on almost every occasion.
This flexibility is mainly due to the availability of pom poms in various colors and sizes.There are many creative ways to decorate your home or party place using paper pom poms.The first thing to do before you start is to decide the theme and color you want to use.
If it is an outdoor environment, the surroundings are not very bright and you need to use a brighter decorative element.For a brighter background, you can highlight important areas using a mixed color and the right contrast.For example, colored arches made of brightly colored paper flowers will help attract attention to the arches.
For formal occasions;Stick to the combination of 2-is the best3 colors.However, casual parties can be bolder and more colorful.Once the color is finished and decided, the size plays an important role.
Pom Poms are available in a variety of sizes.There are small 8 \ 'paper towels, the size is about 20 inch.Depending on the space you have and the design patterns you can choose from these sizes.
Larger ones will look better when you have open space or ceiling decorations.Hanging 8 inch paper towels in a few different lengths of 12 inch and 16 inch will bring interesting dimensions to the design, very pleasing to the eye.For fun centers, you can arrange beautiful colored tissue flowers with some lovely green shoots or long leaves to make an amazing floral arrangement.
Similarly, choose the smaller stroller in brown and bronze tones, and combine them together with pine nuts and dry leaves to form a beautiful and rustic dry arrangement.Paper pom poms is also a good choice to pack up your home;Dress up a monotonous corner by alternating paper strollers with some continuous lights, putting a pile of pom strollers and a paper lantern of a similar shape.Add a belt to a bunch of tissue flowers to create a bouquet, or put tissue flowers on a regular napkin ring to make them look good enough for a party.
Creativity is everything you need to turn something boring into a bright and fun artwork, pom poms or tissue flowers can be the perfect alternative to expensive decor in your home, party or wedding
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