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Micro-corrugated cardboard and its market application prospects

Micro-corrugated cardboard and its market application prospects


In recent years, in order to meet the requirement of reduction and environmental protection in packaging industry, micro-corrugated cardboard is regarded as one of the mainstream packaging materials in the future packaging market.


Thin corrugated design

According to market demand, corrugated board can be divided into different specifications according to its strength, stiffness, buffer performance, etc.Corrugated type according to size order, with English letters in order of D, K, A, C, B, E, F, G, N, O, the most common on the market is A, B, C, E these four corrugated type, from e-o corrugated collectively known as micro corrugated.


Micro corrugated board production is A system engineering, from the stare blankly type design, the structure of the corrugated roller and precision, in the form of A single machine, the operation of the production line all equipment accuracy to use paper with ideal choice, running speed the paper tension control, temperature and humidity control, matching the gum paste modulation and the gluing quantity control and the cardboard quality control, etc., are conventional corrugated slabs, such as A, C, B should be different specific requirements.

Micro-corrugated corrugated board is characterized by many corrugated, corrugated paper quantitative light and low strength.Take corrugating of every 300mm length as an example, G corrugating number is 185 + 12, N corrugating number is 200 + 15, O corrugating number is 267, and B corrugating number is 50 + + 2.A pair of corrugated rollers with the same diameter, the number of meshing corrugated micro-corrugated corrugated increased by 3-5 times than that of type B corrugated.


Quality and process control of fine corrugated paper

When ordinary corrugated paper with a quantity of 150g/m2 is used to bypass the c-corrugated roof, it can be smoothly transited and formed on the 1.25mm radius of the corrugated roof arc. When the same raw paper enters the g-shaped micro-corrugated roof, it is difficult to transition and shape on the 0.16mm radius of the corrugated roof arc.Therefore, the fine corrugated must be of good strength, less than 100g/m2 in quantity, and the breathable rate should be consistent with the water absorption rate and humidity.


In principle, a high quality running corrugated production line is the balance of paper strength, tension, pressure, humidity, temperature and paste formulation at ideal speed points.Uneven humidity of the raw paper, unstable glue paste performance, fluctuation of glue amount, imbalance of preheating control and imbalance of heating will cause tension change and break the balance at the ideal speed point.


Market application prospect

In recent years, in order to adapt to the requirement of reducing packaging industry, environmental protection, micro corrugated board of agitation has arisen, such as the United States, Sweden, Germany, Spain and other countries have started to enlarge the production scale of E going a while at and F, and begin to explore more subtle direction, some countries have begun to apply N going a while at (stare blankly is 0.46 mm) and O (stare blankly 0.30 mm) high.


In the application fields of traditional fiber cartons (such as alcohol, footwear, small appliances, hardware tools, microelectronics, computer software, etc.), micro corrugated cartons have begun to compete with traditional corrugated cartons for market.According to market analysts, in the next five years, the demand for micro-corrugated cardboard in Europe will increase by an average of 5.6 percent annually and the total growth will reach 7 billion square meters.

Micro-corrugated corrugated board can be directly printed by offset printing, which not only can obtain exquisite patterns, but also will not deform corrugated board due to printing, reduce or destroy the cardboard strength.Offset direct printing, so that the fine corrugated packaging more exquisite, very display, advertising, greatly improve the level of packaging.Therefore, more and more industries began to use micro-corrugated packaging as sales packaging, in addition to the traditional food, toys, household appliances and other industries, handicrafts, medicine and health care products and other industries that need external packaging gifts also began to use micro-corrugated packaging.

Fine printing effect of micro-corrugated corrugated board makes it a better choice for making poster corrugated board, display stand and other display packaging.In foreign countries, due to the high precision of die cutting of mechanical equipment itself, when making the poster corrugated cardboard display frame, a large number of micro-corrugated corrugated cardboard such as E, N and F corrugated have been applied to replace the traditional PVC board, making the whole poster corrugated cardboard display frame lighter in weight and lower in cost, which is not only convenient for transportation but also easy to recycle.

With the development of Internet e-commerce, the logistics industry has shown an explosive growth trend, and the product transportation in the logistics industry cannot be separated from packaging, so the scale of printing and packaging industry will gradually expand in the future.Micro corrugated board because of its good pressure resistance, good buffer effect, good printing eligibility and so on, the future will go a long way in the recycled packaging market, fine after the replacement of traditional corrugated cardboard corrugated board at the same time, can effectively save transportation costs, reduce the transportation volume, reduce weight, save transportation cost, has very broad market prospects.

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