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Tissue paper

Tissue paper

Tissue paper is the perfect option to help to protect your items in transit. It also adds a touch of luxury when wrapping a premium gift…. 1 or 2 sheets gently surrounding your product will add the luxe feel that you need, then simply place it in the gift bag or box to complete the look.

Mengsheng have a huge range of colored tissue paper available to suit your every need. If you need plain white tissue paper we are able to help! And if you are looking for colors we can’t be beaten! We have silver gold tissue paper for those who need to convey a sense of class with their gift wrapping. Need something bright and colorful? We have all the colors of the rainbow to choose from! Rich reds, bright yellows, classic black, deep blues and vivid greens to help show off your products to their brilliant potential.

Looking for a way to brand your products for corporate gifts, events or Christmas? We can also manufacture custom tissue paper for you. We make it easy! Just send us your artwork and we will do the rest! You can add a logo or a picture to create a unique addition to your brand and look.

You can buy tissue paper easily with Mengsheng. Our bulk tissue paper options are an economical way to help add a touch of class to your products. We also have a large range of beautiful gift bags and gift boxes if you are looking for an alternative packaging solution with stunning gift wrapping to compliment your product. If you need a box to fit your dimensions perfectly, check out our custom offerings that we have online.


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